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Wellness is Priceless

StarterKit2017-smaller from Peggie B. Hensley on Vimeo.
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Limited Edition Print by Peggie B. Hensley

What Do Successful People Look Like?

Successful People View Obstacles as Opportunity They don’t give up when life throws them a curve ball. They don’t wallow in self-pity or blame-gaming. Successful people just find another way. Successful People Take Risks But not wild, crazy ill-thought risk. Rather the successful person will try new things; they will try different ways to acheive […]
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Calling for Class of 2017 Senior Models

Do you love make-up? Ten lucky Class of 2017 Seniors will be selected to learn all about the new Mary Kay skincare and cometics. Do you love being photographed? If chosen, you can bring one of your friends and her mother to play in the studio with makeup and be photographed. Time is Limited The […]
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